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On Fire: A Passion for Natural Heat (our blog)

Sep 03, 2015
Town codes are confusing, there is no doubt about it. Trying to sift through all the legal speak to figure out what is allowed, what is prohibited, and what is your responsibility is a daunting task at best. Confusion over the legality of woodstoves, fireplaces, and wood burning inserts within the town of Mammoth Lakes is at an all time high, and trying to figure out if you are compliant or not can be a frustrating scenario. So we are here to help... Lets start with a link...Mammoth Lakes Town Ordinance. That link will take you to the full verbiage of the town code regarding the use of... + continue reading
Sep 03, 2015
15.04.130-Woodstoves and similar appliances--California Mechanical Code.           It is unlawful for anyone to install and use a woodstove, woodstove insert, or similar appliance without first obtaining a building permit and an inspection or approval from the building official or his/her designee authorizing its use. (Ord. No. 13-10, [ss] 3(Exh. A), 12-4-2013) 15.04.140-Woodstove inserts--California Mechanical Code. A. "Woodstove insert" shall mean a factory-built metal solid fuel burning device designed to be inserted into a fireplace constructed of masonry,... + continue reading
Mar 23, 2015
Spring is definitely upon us. With the advent of warmer weather, wildlife is coming back to the area.  After a long winter's nap, birds, squirrels, rodents, and other small mammals are up and moving about, gathering food and nesting material, and looking for a place to raise a family. You have one barrier preventing them from getting in to your house...your flue cap.   There's a BIRD in my HOUSE!! Believe it or not, we get this call multiple times per year, and it is never easy. We are chimney experts, but not wildlife experts. We will absolutely do everything we can to help get... + continue reading
Mar 18, 2015
Cleaning the glass on a wood, gas, or pellet stove or fireplace can seem like a daunting task.  However, once you know the basic information, it's really not that difficult.  All it takes is some time, a little elbow grease, and a little bit of effort, and your view of the fire can be crystal clear in no time at all.   Temperature is Paramount! This might seem like an easy one, but many people glass and cold liquid cleanser do not mix. Spraying a liquid cleanser onto hot glass can result in shattering that can cut you, cost a lot of money to repair, and... + continue reading
Mar 17, 2015
We all love sitting in front of a nice, warm fire, basking in the gently flickering reflections, feeling the toasty, rose-colored blush rising in our cheeks, as we laugh, talk, or watch a little TV. But did you know that every wood fire you burn leaves soot buildup in your flue pipe that could lead to a wide variety of health issues or property damage? How does that happen? What can you do to prevent clogged chimneys, health risks, and possible property damage?   Why do I need to get my chimney swept? Fires create soot.  Soot buildup can accumulate over time inside your chimney... + continue reading
Mar 16, 2015
There's nothing like waking up on a cold morning and enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee or tea in front of a fresh, roaring fire.  But why is the smoke coming back into the house?  Why is it leaking from the flue pipe?  Is my chimney flue plugged?  The answer is usually found in the basic function of a wood burning appliance.   It's all about the heat! Wood stoves and fireplaces rely on heat to create a draft.  We all know that hot air rises. But cold air will sink.  When it is really cold outside, that cold air naturally wants to settle into depressions... + continue reading