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Cusom Fireplace Doors

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It's tough to beat the sights, sounds, and warmth of an open fireplace.  Beautiful flames licking off the wood as it crackles and pops, warming the hearth, home, and soul.  But those crackles and pops spit out hot embers that can quickly ignite carpeting, drapes, a nearby bookshelf or errant newspaper, or even the family dog's tail! With a custom built fireplace door by Stoll, we've got you covered.  Featuring hinged or bi-fold doors, optional hinged or hanging fire screens, your choice of glass type and tint, choice of metal and finish, and the ability to custom shape and size to match your existing fireplace. You can still enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of that real wood fire, only now you can do it safely, secure in the knowledge that your beautiful fireplace won't become a horrible nightmare.



Stoll Fireplace was started 40 years ago when founder William Stoll handcrafted an over-sized screen for the front of his fireplace in his home. Today, Stoll manufactures a wide variety of styles and sizes in custom fireplace doors and screens.  Built on the principles of honesty and pride, Stoll Fireplace Inc. continues to manufacture high quality fireplace and hearth accesories.

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