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Comprehensive Gas Stove Service

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Includes full cleaning and painting of the firebox, cleaning of the glass, full cleaning inside and underneath fireplace to remove dust from control boards and circuits, aesthetic additions such as glowing embers and rock wool, visual inspection of exposed pipe, if applicable, and test-firing of the appliance to ensure proper operation.  Thermostat controls and toggle-switches will be tested for proper operation.  Any lights or aesthetic add-ons will also be tested for proper operation. 

Cleaning gas stoves and gas fireplaces does not require a flue cleaning, because there is no particluate matter in the exhaust.  There is no need to sweep a gas flue or clean a gas termination cap. Any necessary repairs that can be completed within the scope of the cleaning will be done at that time with new components billed in addition to the service charge.  Any repairs that require parts to be ordered or labor that is outside the scope of the cleaning will be rescheduled at a later date, and billed at an hourly rate plus materials.  Approximate time for service is 1 hour. 


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At A Better Fireplace our product is satisfaction; satisfaction through great products, excellent comprehensive service and the knowledge that your home will be warm and above all, safe.

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